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Johnny Hotchkiss pulls off flawless Flying Sherman trick at TankMX Games

LANDSHIP, AL – The tenth annual TankMX Games concluded with a breathtaking and unprecedented stunt by Johnny Hotchkiss.

The legendary Flying Sherman has been the talk of TankMX pros for years. It involves jumping a stock tank across twelve London double-decker buses while performing a full backflip and a half turn, landing in a backward position, and at the same time doing a Hart Attack maneuver outside the turret.

Several have attempted the trick, but Hotchkiss is the first to survive and complete it. Apart from the difficulty of flipping and turning the tank, the model used has a top speed of 45mph.

“You’ve got to use every inch of the runway and ramp or you’re gonna be in big trouble a few buses in,” said Hotckiss, who is in talks to represent several lines of energy drinks.

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