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One customer in line had a Snickers bar, a birthday card, and exact change

Lady At Register Going To Write A Check

WALSENBURG, CO – The lady at the front of the line, who just had her items tallied up, is apparently poised to write a check, say witnesses at local retailer BuyMoar.

“She got about seventeen dollars worth of stuff,” said Kyle Lander, third customer in line. “Then the cashier gave her the total, and she lifts up her purse and puts it on the counter. I was like ‘Oh my god, she’s gonna write a check.”

The check is a method of payment that predates electricity

Other customers corroborated claims that she then rummaged around in her purse for several seconds before producing a navy blue checkbook. Audible sighs rose up from those in the immediate vicinity.

“Who doesn’t have, like, at least a twenty on them? Or a check card?” said fourth in line Imelda Gerard. “I can pay with my watch, for crying out loud.”

UPDATE: The lady eventually completed the check writing process and the purchase, going about her business but leaving behind her a wake of irritated customers.

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