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Little plastic figurines frozen in time and plaster

Lego Rolls Out Pompeii Model

ITALY – The Lego Group of Denmark has introduced a new Pompeii building set as part of their exclusive Creator series.

Mount Vesuvius and ruins of Pompeii

At $450 and 9,032 pieces, this epic reproduction depicts the catastrophic aftermath of the Mount Vesuvius eruption of A.D. 79 that buried the Roman city of Pompeii. The inhabitants who were unable to escape that day were entombed in meters of volcanic ash and only in recent decades did archaeologists excavate the site.

Builders can start with the same conditions as when excavation began

Lego bricks and figurines represent the findings of that dig, including ruins, rubble, and hollowed out cavities that were once the victims of the disaster. Researchers poured plaster into these cavities and were able to preserve the residents’ locations and final resting position.

The set comes with its own excavation mode, in which builders can painstakingly remove Lego brick rubble and compacted ash to reveal hidden details.

“It’s not quite the same as actually brushing away dust, but it’s fun,” said Lego enthusiast Bree Jordan. “I’m a little confused with the ruins, knowing when a building is done or if it’s supposed to look like it’s missing some bricks.”