Have you seen my keys?

Dear Editors,

My keys are missing. I’ve looked everywhere. Perhaps you or your readers could have some leads on where to look.

They’re on a blue and white “Live, Laugh, Love” fob with about 4 keys on it, and a Saab electronic key thing (the kind with buttons instead of being a real key). That is black with some buttons on the front, and a red button on the back. I’ve got a reasonable suspicion that they’re somewhere between the Fanny Up Tavern and the apartments at 5th and Frontage Road. I located my car in a ditch there, but the keys are nowhere to be found. The person who accompanied me that evening has not answered my calls.

This has been on the prayer chain for a couple of months now, but I haven’t been going to church because I can’t drive so I don’t know how diligent they’re being about this.

Marcia H.
Swallet, FL