I’m no expert, but here’s my opinion on that

Dear Editors,

There’s a lot of talk on the news about the economy. I’m not an economist, but I’ve got some ideas on how they could make it work. My higher education includes a high school diploma with distinguishing marks in Yearbook class,  a number of technical credits in dramatic productions, and first runner up for Class Treasurer.

That range of expertise, in addition to perfect attendance at the first two weeks of a macroeconomics course at Monroe County’s premier community college, gives me the insight needed to lend my insights. I’m currently between employment situations and weighing options, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about this while watching TV.

It seems to me that the government is just a big business, and as such its economy is like a huge checkbook. Some people will say it’s very much more complex than that, but they are too close to the subject to see it with my perspective. I use real money multiple times a week. I’m down here in the actual economy.

Money in, money out. There you go. The government only pays for what it can afford. If it can’t, it goes without something until it can. That’s how the rest of us do it. And no more taxes. If I can’t go take money from other people, neither should they. We’ve already got roads and phone lines, so there’s literally no need. The military makes money from oil they get in other countries. Everybody gets to keep the money they make, and the broke ones can go on Medicare and food stamps if they have to. They can sleep in the free shelters if they have to. No government intervention necessary.

I don’t understand why the government can’t just get this all through their heads. I’d appreciate it if you would pass this along to the right people.

Dan L.
Houston, TX