Is it possible to start a riot over Zoom?

Dear Editors,

Trust me, I’m not planning anything illegal. It’s just that a few of my friends and I were wondering if someone were to, hypothetically, gather en masse over a Zoom call (or Skype, we’re not picky), could they get a virtual mob going?

Not in person, just on Zoom. Like maybe these imaginary rioters could occupy a building through an open laptop or something. They’d save so much on travel and hospital bills.

I get that there are some logistic problems with delay and feedback, but we thought some readers out there could offer some pointers on crowd movement, grid layouts, muting, etc. I can imagine that shouting crude slogans would be awkward.

I probably shouldn’t say much more. Just post your ideas here, unless you think it’s possible that “they” can listen in. It’s a secure channel, right?

Jed G.