Lord help me, I love mashed potatoes.

Dear Editors,

Aren’t they just great, mashed potatoes?

You can put on butter, cheese, sour cream, chives, some of that Mrs. Dash stuff (the regular kind, you don’t even need the fancy ones), Baco’s (remember those? I think they don’t make them anymore but the store brand are just as good), chili, GRAVY… oh my goodness, gravy. Make a little pocket with the ladle and drape that gravy down in there. MMMMMMMM.

Not all at the same time, necessarily. I just mean mashed potatoes are versatile, is all. Obviously, now that I think of it, gravy seems to be my go-to accoutrement.

But let’s back up a second. It’s probably a missed opportunity, but if Baco’s came back, they could market them as BacOS. You know, like MacOS? Make a little computer system with a baked potato for a body, then they install BacOS. They’d have to figure out if the announcer said it “bacos” or “Bac O-S” the way you do with Mac OS.

I used to use Macs when I was in college. We worked on magazine layouts for one of my graphics classes. Nowadays I’m all Windows what with my spreadsheets and quarterly reports. Although it sure would be a hoot to gussy up one of those reports like my old magazine covers!

I don’t know if you’ve got some people at Baco’s to talk to about that. Just wanted to pass it your way. Be sure to mention me so they’d give credit if it ended up being in a commercial.

Anyway, I love me some mashed potatoes. Don’t you?

Gladys B.
Lincoln, NE