The editors have lost their damn minds

Dear Editors,

Yeah, you. You have lost your damn minds.

You have all gone completely bonkers and dropped a wheel. Y’all got a whole bunch of screws loose and are running on a single cylinder. About a bubble and a half off center. Make about as much sense as a deleted Tweet. A few eggs short of a full deck. Lights are on but that ain’t your house. Connoisseurs of glue. A scared possum on a treadmill. Highly strung. Possibly suffering from severe shock or trauma. Needing medical attention and perhaps therapy. Not deserving of ridicule or taunting. Worthy of love, acceptance, and support. I’m so sorry. You are complete and perfect exactly as you are, and I hope you get the help you seek. May grace, mercy, and peace be with you.

With great empathy,
Dave T.