You don’t have to double click everything

Dear Editors,

No, the print button on top is set up so you only have to… no… you just printed it again.

If you go to the file menu… the file menu… top left. No, the top left of the screen. Top. The top of the screen. See where it says “File”? If you click on tha… just once. Just once. Now the menu has gone back up.

Click the File menu once, once, slowly. Okay, move the mouse down. The mouse. The little pointer thing on the screen. See where it’s pointing to “Open”? Just move it down to where it says “Print”.

Okay, the menu has gone away again, and we don’t need to click that. Didn’t need to click that, okay? So let’s reopen the app. Yep, the big W on the desktop. That one we double click. No, let’s not go through the Start menu this time. Just click the W twice. There.

Okay, now we’re back at the menu. See the File menu? Still there at top left. Left. Top. Up, up. There…

Dying in slow agony,
Kyle the intern

I saw that

Dear Editors, You with the red jacket and black cap. At the corner of 8th and Elm, yesterday at 1 pm. Bet you thought nobody

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