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London Transport launches first open-top airliner tour

LONDON – Tourists now have a whole new way to go sightseeing over one of the world’s most famous skylines. London Transport has just expanded service to include passenger jet service in open-top double decker airliners.

The transport authority, known across the globe for its Underground rail network, iconic red double-decker buses and the national rail service, wanted to offer visitors to London a unique experience.

“There were naysayers all along who told us that putting passengers up top was insane,” said transport manager Reginald Smith. “Long as you keep the jet below a few thousand feet and not too fast, everyone has a great time.”

Smith addressed concerns that some passengers might fall off of the jet, an AEC Regent LX fitted with railings all around the top. “You’ve got the same protections in place as the buses, right? People don’t go falling off of those every day.”

Community groups have voiced concerns about the potential noise of jet engines circling the city at low altitudes.

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