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Nickerson is destined for file footage immortality.

Man on street asked opinion on economy as if relevant

MIDVALE – A passerby was asked for his thoughts and recommendations on the current economic crisis under the pretense that his words would have some impact on federal agencies, the stock market or corporations embroiled in various scandals and collapses.

“First of all, we gotta stop mollycoddling these fat cats,” said Greg Nickerson, a middle manager who expects to be unemployed very soon. “We need to drain the swamp in Washington and fix this problem.”

Nickerson’s tirade continued for a minute and 47 seconds, touching on the federal bailout, reform, regulation, offshore banking, outsourcing and various other issues he feels contributed to the recent freefall of the U.S. economy. His sentiments were dutifully recorded on camera by a news team and will fade into obscurity, having no effect on policy or public opinion.

The footage may resurface in future documentaries about the current situation once sufficient time has elapsed and the event has a catchy name.

photo credit under cc license

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