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Microwaved CD reviews better than original

BRIGHTON – A microwaved copy of the CD “Hooked on Prog” was accidentally submitted to a reviewer and received higher marks than the actual CD.

“The publicist’s assistant used the case as a trivet while making instant mac & cheese, so he wouldn’t have to hold the hot bowl,” said music critic Neville Gaines. “He sent it in by accident, and I honestly forgot that I’d reviewed this CD before.”

Gaines popped in the CD and found the damaged disc “striking in its appearance as well as its sonic audacity.” He lauded the imaginative use of white noise and exotic time signatures.

“Striking in its appearance as well as its sonic audacity.”

This was in stark contrast to his previous review of the intact CD. “Would that I could hacksaw the eardrums out of my head, along with the parts of my brain that retain recent memory.” The review got worse from there.

The Brighton Amateur Jazz Percussion Orchestra released “Hooked on Prog” last year, and quickly scuttled performances scheduled to support the album after reviewers thrashed it universally and mercilessly. The collection of songs covered artists like Utopia, ELP, Marillion and King Crimson using only percussive instruments such as timpani, marimba and hand bells.

Orchestra leader Jeremy Grasston said he is considering having the group learn the microwaved version of the CD and tour in support of it.

“The orchestra is up to recreating the album live,” said Grasston, “but then we have to figure out how to microwave a few thousand copies for sale.”

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