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The suspect is still at large, and may be on the run in a parallel universe.

Mini black hole stolen, suspect presumed spaghettified

GENEVA – A miniature black hole that was stolen from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN underneath the Franco-Swiss border has apparently consumed the person who stole it.

“According to our current theories, he was stretched into a long, thin shape by the overwhelming gravitational field,” said security officer Jean Lourd. “He has crossed the event horizon and is now part of the black hole. The chances are very slim that we will apprehend the subject for questioning.”

Officers on the scene did not fire any shots, although Lourd pointed out that the bullets would be in no danger of ricocheting out of the singularity.

An investigation will look into how the suspect infiltrated the secure facility and absconded with the black hole. “Containment and clean up will also be a very high priority,” said Lourd.

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