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Current drywall configurations won't hold up, say sources.

More setbacks in testing and production of lead shower curtain

GALENA – PlumBob Home Industries announced today that it has indefinitely suspended production of its lead shower curtain line.

“We’ve pushed back the drop date for the Irradia series of curtains, pending a continued round of testing and development,” said PlumBob public relations representative Stuart Geiger. “We want to make sure that our valued customers get the best possible product we can make.”

In the weeks leading up to the announcement, rumors swirled about reliability problems with the curtain line, which is the first comprised entirely of leaden fabric. Patents filed by the company indicate renewed interest in the strength of the curtain rings and wall fixtures.

The Irradia line has been touted as the first to protect users from ionizing radiation. The softness and malleability of lead offer attractive design features and functionality. However, the sheer heaviness of the element is said to present a set of problems not encountered in the production of curtains made from other materials such as cotton or polyester.

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