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Mother-in-law doesn’t understand why you don’t buy generic

HENNEPEC – What with the rising cost of everything, your mother-in-law just doesn’t see why you would buy anything name brand.

It’s exactly the same thing in a different box, according to that nice man on the Today show. Perhaps if you saved a little money on groceries, you could afford that GameBox thing that you spend all your time playing instead of looking for a better job.

If you would read the labels, you would see that there is no appreciable difference. Then you could start putting some savings away for your mother-in-law’s grandchildren’s college fund. Hey, there’s an idea, maybe you could start by making some grandchildren. And feed them generic food, too.

Your mother-in-law does not mean to pry, she’s just saying. What could it hurt? And since we’re on the subject of saving, did you have to get the most expensive car out there? What is it with these youngsters today and the sunroof? Your wife’s father, God rest his soul, was perfectly happy for forty years with his Dodge. No sunroof. AM radio. It still drives like the day he got it.

So it was a name brand car. That is beside your mother-in-law’s point. If there had been a store brand car, he would have gotten that. Oh, fine, fine, walk away. Walk away like you do from any difficult situation. One day you’ll see.

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