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"Hey babe. We made you, uh, potato skins with cream cheese and kiwi. Maybe don't go in the kitchen for a while."

Mother’s Day Relaxing Mostly For Non-Mothers

GRAFTON, WV – Mother’s Day, the annual celebration in May for mothers and their influence in society, is often a holiday for all but those it was intended to honor.

“We have lots of stumbling attempts at breakfasts in bed, flowers, that sort of thing,” said Mother’s Day expert Liam Cannell. “But those attempts are usually by someone who isn’t accustomed to making elaborate meals on trays with floral arrangements, and it can add to the stress mothers are already enduring.”

“Hey babe. Here’s an Irish coffee. Don’t get up. I’ll take the kids to the playground then a couple movies, and I’ll feed them.”

“Dads and kids will tell mothers to sleep in and let them take care of everything. Lots of moms panic when they hear that,” said Cannell.

Even sending dear Mother off to a weekend retreat at a spa can cause anxiety. “The intention is to give her a few days off from those things she administers in the home. Tell me you don’t know some family members who are going to muck it up.”

“Meanwhile, the rest of the family is kicking back because they think they’ve nailed it,” said Cannell. “It makes for a situation where nothing has really changed in the daily routine, and some things have gotten worse.

For a real relaxing Mother’s Day? Depending on the family, Cannell suggests getting everybody else out of the house for a day or so.

“But whatever you do, send a card and call your Mom.”

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