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Movie available for streaming after man loses interest

COLUMBUS, MO – Movie fan Burke Stovall can finally watch the action movie “Vampire Cop” on one of his three streaming services, but reports that he no longer wants to see it that much.

“I knew it wasn’t a big screen movie for me, so I figured wait until it comes out for rental,” said Stovall. “A few months after it was in theaters, I guess about six months maybe, it was on the on demand cable, but only for sale not rent.”

Stovall remained interested for an additional eight months, checking in on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV to see if the movie showed up.

“I was careful to not have anything spoiled for me, especially at the office. There was a rough patch there when some of the big plot points and characters became cultural references. I made it to where nobody is talking about it anymore, so I just wanted to finally see the movie.”

Now that the movie is available online to watch any time, Stovall admits that he has forgotten the initial reason he was excited about it.

“Maybe I’ll watch it before ‘Vampire Cop 2’ comes out next summer.”

Unbeknownst to Stovall, Vampire Cop is due to be removed from streaming rosters next spring.

The last time Stovall engaged in a similar near miss was when “Cabin Monkey 2: The Reckoning” opened. He declined to catch it in theaters, never noticed when it was available for rent or streaming, and finally caught the latter half of an edited version on cable three years later.

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