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Mugshot attire procured

MIRANDA – Forward-looking grey market merchant and sometime defendant Reed Sidavis has chosen a full ensemble for his imminent arrest and mugshot.

Sidavis, a self-styled entrepreneur who offers a full range of services and solutions “on the periphery of the mainstream,” estimates that he has a high probability of being taken into custody by law enforcement officials in the near future.

“I can’t get into specifics, but they definitely want to talk to me,” said Sidavis. “So I’m going to make sure and project an appropriate image for my line of work.”

For the photograph that will result from his likely apprehension, Sidavis plans to wear a tank top shirt and sagging cargo shorts that show off his satin boxers.

“Only the shirt will be in the photo, so that’s the most important part. I bought two so I can be sure to have one on if and when I get nabbed again.”

Sidavis is safeguarding against a repeat of his previous arrest, during which he was wearing a borrowed polo shirt.

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