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Nature documentary soundtrack a little suggestive

ATTENBOROUGH, IOWA – The music accompanying the mating ritual scene of a documentary film on water buffalo crossed the boundary of good taste, according to one horrified viewer.

Greuenholz rewound one scene three times to show the parts that most disgusted her.

“I’m all for the creatures of the world doing what comes naturally, but for goodness sake, why must it be sensationalized this way?” asked Martha Greuenholz, a retired librarian from Attenborough Middle School. “Those two beasts may as well have been on the MTV, the way that sinful music was goading them along.”

Ms. Greuenholz found the euro-flavored synth soundtrack of “Survival on the Savanna” too racy for the subject matter, and has told several of her colleagues so. Belgian composer and performer Franh Liobena differs with her account, although he is not at all eager to confront the charges.

“This Martha, she is scholar in matters of music? I suppose also she is expert in the adult film industry,” said Liobena, hissing into a demitasse.

Greuenholz denies allegations that she is acquainted with such media. “It’s just the kind of thing you’re exposed to these days, right there on television for everyone to see. I don’t have to buy a pay-per-view to know what’s out there.”

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