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Neighborhood hit by outbreak of Stuccococcus

JEJUNE HOLLOW – Scores of houses in Tickytack Estates have come down with Stuccococcus (S. Plasteri), or Stucco for short, a communicable disease that spreads by means of free-floating contractors.

Stuccococcus begins as a wet, superficial fluid that clings to unprotected siding, then hardens into an often rough, scaly coating that is difficult to remove once it begins to manifest. It appears in various strains, but is fairly simple to diagnose visually and with a light scratch test.

Once infected with Stucco, houses can suffer a number of symptoms. Delamination of masonry substrate cause cracking and buckling for which careful preparation and repair are indicated. Damp or rotting lath introduce similar problems. Any source of unwanted fluid in the substructure can trigger breakouts that exacerbate the underlying affliction.

Given the deep tenacity of Stucco, many homeowners choose to endure the condition. Others elect to move to a different neighborhood, and the prognosis is often good; homes already clad in brick or siding resist Stucco very well.



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