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"What happened to Yugoslavia?"

New bill would require president to find country on map before invading

WASHINGTON – Representative Martin Montgreen (I-NM) introduced a bill in Congress that would create the requirement for the U.S. president to locate and identify a country on a world map before launching air strikes or invasions there.

“Sure, the military knows where most every place is,” said Montgreen, “But we want to make sure any future leader does too. People don’t know how close we came to invading New Mexico a few years back. We also want to prevent any futile conflicts with Macadamia.”

Several candidates running for the 2012 GOP nomination have promised renewed troop deployments in Iraq or war with Iran. This bill, HR 404, would call for the president to point out each of the countries, unassisted, on a map.

“They’d have to put their finger on it and say the name within one minute.”

Critics of the bill point out that the president lacks authority to wage wars without Congressional approval.

“Yeah.” said Montgreen.

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