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New images reveal Horsehead Nebula is actually Moosehead Nebula

ONTARIO – High-resolution images in the infrared spectrum from the James Webb Space Telescope show greater detail than ever before seen of the Horsehead Nebula — enough to rename it the Moosehead Nebula.

Astronomers in Canada were keen to point out the subtle yet unavoidable visual cues emerging from the images streaming in.

“The space telescope brings out much more detail than we’re able to see from the ground,” said Neil Vonderchuk of the Agency of Space Related Things (Agence du Choses Spatiales). “It just happens that the horsehead feature we’ve known for so long has more to it than we thought.”

Disagreement over renaming the nebula focuses not only on the rewriting of scientific and academic texts, but on the interpretation of the new imagery. Astronomers from some other countries see merely a larger horse with a headdress, some see wings – either those of a bird on the horse’s head, or those of a winged horse such as a Pegasus.

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