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New method of mosquito control uses video games to distract males from mating

HISTAMINA, LA – Entomologists from Standing Water University have developed an effective way to combat mosquito populations by simply providing video games to breeding males.

“They play all hours of the day and into the night,” said lead mosquito researcher Cal Amine. “The females continue their mating rituals to no avail, and the numbers of larvae just plummet.”

Considerable expense went into designing the tiny consoles fit for insects, but Amine says that fortunately male mosquitoes are larger than females. “We didn’t have to match the smallest form factor.”

Video game mosquito management holds great promise for countries around the world who want to reduce the presence of the disease-carrying pests, but one possible obstacle is the video games themselves.

“They like all the latest action games, but licensing fees will be astronomical,” said Amine. “They won’t play the free games very long, and they won’t watch ads. We’ve got to figure out a way to get billions of copies of GTA5 and Call of Duty out there. One possible angle we have explored is the very short lifespan of the mosquitoes themselves. How long could they possibly play, anyhow?”

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