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"It really works! I could show you some samples if you'd like to come by Tuesday night at 7. A few other sharp friends are coming, and there will be a short presentation."

New neighbor setting off Amwaydar

VANCEFORD – The guy who just moved in next door to Will and Patsy Grindace is triggering their Amwaydar, an intuitive ability some have for detecting multi-level marketing.

Lawrence “Larry” Bostock, Jr. purchased the ranch house adjacent to the Grindaces, and so far has been a pleasant addition to the neighborhood.

“He seems a decent guy,” said Will Grindace after a recent backyard cookout hosted by the Hutchinsons across the street. “Good manners, well groomed, no noisy activities after 8 at night. Keeps his lawn in good shape.”

However, at the cookout, several of the guests grew concerned that Bostock may be involved in some sort of business that involves reselling products and recruiting other sales associates.

“We were talking in real general terms, you know ‘what do you do’ kind of stuff,” said Grindace, who is a project manager for a printing company. “I thought nothing of it when he mentioned retail, home care products and electronics. We were just making small talk at that point. But he said ‘water and air purifiers’ and that perked up my ears.”

Grindace grew suspicious as Bostock talked of working for himself and that his company might be looking for quality people for a great new opportunity.

“He said ‘passive income,’ and that’s when I knew. I don’t know what company he’s working for, but I didn’t intend to find out.”

By the time Bostock got to insurance and dietary supplements, Grindace had already begun plotting his esape from the back yard to the kitchen.

“He was actually addressing the back of my head when he asked how much extra I’d like to make a month.”

The evening continued quietly if uncomfortably, with Bostock making several vain invitations to an informational event at his house next Tuesday. The following day, the Grindaces cleaned out their 2-car garage so they could resume parking in it and avoid eye contact with Bostock.


  1. God Of Bacon God Of Bacon January 8, 2010

    Are you sure you're making all of the money you want to? Would you like to achieve financial independence before 50?

    The memories are still fresh.

  2. Scarpacci, T. B. Scarpacci, T. B. August 30, 2010

    Hey, Jank, this is really fine sark. I liked the potato, too. It's been too long. Get busy and post some more teasers. Maybe something about the Emmy Awards. thanks.

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