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New “Salty Sugar Fat” hits the sweet spot of snacking

MELLITUS, NJ – Snack industry giant Snacrosis has found the trifecta in treat ingredients with their new “Salty Sugar Fat”, a concoction of savory, sweet and adipose that is sure to fly off the shelves at convenience stores nationwide.

“Our taste engineers have been tinkering for years, looking for the perfect combination of flavors to make an irresistible treat,” said Snacrosis Public Information Liaison Dee Farber. “Our focus groups always came back with the trio of winners: Salty, Sweet, Fatty.”

The genius of Salty Sugar Fat lies not in the specific mix of ingredients, but that Snacrosis engineers chose to forego flavors in the traditional sense.

“We learned that after a certain point, people don’t really care what flavor something is. As long as it’s salty, sweet, and/or fatty, they’re going to down the whole thing. This puts us shelves ahead of the competition, who are still struggling with Ranch this or Salsa that.”

To accommodate the marketing department and retailers, Snacrosis has varied the packaging to reflect a range of flavors: Green, Purple, Red and Yellow. “We were going to make orange one of them, but that presented too much confusion over whether the snack would actually have orange flavor – you know, like the citrus plant,” said Farber.

Salty Sugar Fat will be available in stores in the coming weeks in single-serving 3-pound packets, and may be eaten refrigerated, microwaved, room temperature or with a soon-to-be-announced Fatty Salt Dipping Sauce.

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