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People would write or type things on paper and put it in envelopes, then send it to other people using stamps.

New stamp to commemorate letters

FRANKLIN – The U.S. Postal Service announced a new stamp commemorating the writing and sending of letters, a nearly forgotten practice dating back centuries.

“The Postal Service exists for more than delivery of sales flyers, printed statements and things FedEx can’t ship to P.O. boxes,” said Mallory Gertz, head of the USPS Illusory Products Division. “We’d like to remind our customers that there was a time people mailed letters to each other, even as recently as today.”

Studies reveal that 66% of people under 21 have never sent or received a letter, and 84% of those respondents did not know what a letter is.

The announcement was made earlier this year, but the press release got mixed into the recycling along with a stack of Memorial Day Sale ads.

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