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New teen favorite app Scrapchat simply deletes messages instead of sending them

STAMFORD – Millennials are all abuzz over the newest social media craze, an app called Scrapchat that allows users to take pictures, video, text and drawings that are then promptly deleted.

“It’s fun and unpredictable sending messages that will never get there,” said Scrapchat marketing director Wendy Valser. “We save a ton on storage, infrastructure and scaling.”

Scrapchat raised $1.7 million in venture capital funding, mostly from investors who missed out on hugely popular platforms like Snapchat, and Twitter. “140 characters,” said one investor, who asked not to be named. “Who could have seen that taking off?”

Unlike Snapchat, the popular social media platform that allows users to send messages that appear briefly before being deleted, Scrapchat takes one step off the process by deleting every message immediately.

“It kind of doesn’t matter who your friends are on there, because none of them will ever see what you send them, and vice versa,” said Scrapchat user LOLSWAG1995. “How cool is that.”

Scrapchat already has detractors, though. A class action lawsuit has been filed alleging that the app doesn’t actually record anything before deletion, an apparent violation of app store terms. An attempt to reach users using the Scrapchat app has not been successful.

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