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New Virtual Reality Office allows you to work at a cubicle from anywhere

SANTA CLARA, CA – Brand new VR technology empowers office workers to sit at their cubicles and desktop computers, no matter where they are. The InfiniCube promises to usher in a new era of enhanced productivity.

“You can be on vacation or sick at home, and still be right back here at work,” said entrepreneur Mac Frey of CrateSpace Tech. “It’s like you’re never away from the office!”

Virtual Reality (VR) has already enabled end users to explore infinite realms of imaginative possibilities, such as flying, immersive entertainment and gaming, or even virtual travel. CrateSpace extends the capabilities of VR to sitting at the real life desk where you spend most of your waking days.

“It’s not the same when you work remotely on a laptop or home computer, with all the distractions of family, pets and leisure,” said Frey. “This puts you in visual and auditory isolation from all that and keeps you in the workplace.”

Employees at CrateSpace are already putting the InfiniCube to work, allowing them to work more than 80 hours each week. Some report that they have been too busy to file complaints with the Department of Labor. Frey looks forward to automated cars, so employees can work on the way home, too.


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