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New Years Resolutions scaled down

CLEARWATER, FL – After mounting an ambitious array of goals at the turn of the year, Reese Foals is resetting expectations for himself and others.

“I’m no longer pretending that this year will be decisive in the achievement of my objectives,” said Foals from his home office. “Long story short, the marathon is not happening and I’m probably not launching a new app by April.”

Foals was off to an enthusiastic start in the first week of January, joining a gym and starting a course on application development. By the beginning of February, he had stopped going to the gym altogether and had lost his login for the development site. Dirty dishes and laundry have been accumulating since December, and a commitment to swear off television ended by the third day of the year.

“I was totally gonna cut the cord. Looking back on past years, I can see what happened. I’d get pumped up right out of the gate, then kinda coast until about May. Beat myself up a bit, then try to get back on track by September, when it starts to be about what am I going to do starting next year.”

Foals plans to launch a huge spring cleaning effort in mid March, when the weather should be nicer and he will be more likely to go for brisk walks. Has also limited contact with friends and colleagues to whom he had boasted about the challenging aspirations he set for himself.

“I’m also going to look into cancelling my gym membership and research app developers who can work on spec,” said Foals, “but let’s be honest, whatever I do it admittedly won’t be eye-opening.”

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