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No human ever holds their hands like this when talking to another


Come on, people. Have you ever, even once in your life, been talking to someone and they fold their hands one over the other innocuously while telling you about their mild to moderate psoriasis?

No, you haven’t. Because nobody talks or gestures like that. But they do in ads for some reason.

I’m not saying anything at all about the quality or efficacy of any of the products advertised, or even the character of the actors who do the persuading. I’m sure the good people at Mysquizilantin and Ben Franklin American Eagle Check Cashing are on the up-and-up. My beef is with the directors and/or gesture coaches who give us these bland, disingenuous expressions.

Did they decide some years ago that real, authentic interaction was a thing to be avoided? Are they playing a game to see how many people they can prank using signals that have no basis in actual human experience?

I may be just some cranky old media critic, but if you have a conversation with me, we will use regular words and sentences and gestures. But we won’t talk about pharmaceuticals or financial services.

We’ll talk cranky old media critic stuff.

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