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Office To Add “Do Whatever” Button To Alignment Options

REDMOND, WA – Users of Microsoft Office will no longer have to insert pictures or move tables to send their text all over the page.

A new “Do Whatever” button complements the Alignment options in the toolbar. In addition to the existing Left, Center, Right, and Justify alignments, document authors can now select the new button to utterly wreck the formatting they had implemented.

“It used to be that you had to try adding something to the page, and wherever you put it the rest of the document would scurry away in terror,” said Office MVP Loren Ipsell. “But it wasn’t always predictable. Sometimes things would go where you put them, and the rest would stay in place.”

Not so with the Do Whatever button. One press and you will wonder where your paragraphs went.

“It doesn’t just move things around,” said Ipsell. “It changes the margins on random things, adds page breaks, makes it so that some pictures are inline while others are behind the text. It’s a solidly effective piece of programming.”

After the launch of the button, Office developers will resume their ongoing task of moving things around in the menu in successive versions so users can’t find familiar functions.

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