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The quickest way to get someone to speed up: Try to pass them.

Oh, NOW Motorist Wants to Speed Up

SUNDERTON – The driver of a black Ferrari has renewed interest in keeping pace with traffic ever since a champagne SUV attempted to overtake him on a remote stretch of highway.

The SUV had been stuck behind the Ferrari for several miles awaiting a passing lane, and seemed to be attempting to accelerate to the posted speed limit of 55.

Eyewitness Andrea Burgher, third in a line of cars behind the Ferrari, described the event as an “awakening” of sorts. “The guy in the Ferrari was rolling along, seemed to be content doing 45,” said Burgher. “Then this SUV starts to zip past him and all of a sudden he’s like ‘No you don’t.'”

The Ferrari sped up just enough to keep the SUV from getting by. Eyewitnesses report that the driver of the Ferrari and his passenger have been gesticulating and pointing at nearby landmarks.

The two motorists are now engaged in an uneasy standoff, speeding up when passing lanes are available, then slowing down when the road returns to two lanes. The contest is likely to continue until someone reaches their destination or pulls over to get gas.

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