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People who wanted to watch TV had to stand up and fiddle with these controls.

Old guy in office claims once only 3 channels on TV

FARNSWORTH – This one guy in Account Management who’s probably older than Bono insists that when he was little there were only three channels on television.

Darrell Vernor, an old guy who drives a Taurus, has a combover and no Twitter page, further asserts that there was nothing on between around midnight and some time early in the morning. The “big three” allegedly signed off every night with the song they play before baseball games.

Others in the office have expressed concerns with Vernor’s sometimes outlandish claims, including stories of an archaic version of CD’s that you had to flip over.

“He’ll pull that one out when he says stuff like ‘I remember when the Beatles were around,’ and we’re all like, sure, and I guess you and the Beatles and Reagan and Frodo hung out together in the middle ages,” said account coordinator Caden McKendree. “There’s not even anyone alive who was around when the Beatles lived.”

Several of Vernor’s coworkers plan to “introduce him to the reality-based world” at an upcoming trivia night.

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