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Panic grows for what to call current decade

GISBORNE – As the current decade draws closer to its end, cultural trendsetters struggle with the persistent lack of a nickname for it.

“It was so easy with the 60’s, 80’s, even the 90’s,” said trends columnist Ben Zeris of Le Ming magazine. “No consensus exists in popular media, and our only reference decade, the 1900’s was so far back no one remembers what they called that decade. If only they had left some written history.”

Strongly worded disputes have resulted from the opposing factions behind suggestions such as “the oughties”, “the naughties”, “the two-thousands”, “the nillies” and other names too numerous to mention.

A solution may be apparent only in hindsight, deepening the dread and tension of those who will, in future decades, have to refer to this nameless decade.

“It’s not much better for the coming decade,” said Zeris. “The Teens? What did people do before the Twenties?”


  1. Anonymous Anonymous January 11, 2009

    “the goosies”, like for goose egg?

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