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All the popular kids are doing it

Parents Warned Of Potential Injuries To Children In “Punching Challenge”

TOLEDO, OH – Children can be harmed by participating in a new internet challenge that involves throwing and taking punches, say safety experts.

Unlike the earlier planking and mannequin challenges, the “punching challenge” is one that calls for physical violence in the form of clenched fists hurled at participants.

“Another term for it is assault and battery,” said Marta Ramone, director of the Center for Prevention of Elective Injury. “If someone does the cinnamon challenge or the ice bucket, gallon, or saltine challenges, they’re doing so voluntarily. When someone punches you, it’s seldom by your consent.”

Parents and school officials registered mostly disdain and outrage for the practice, with a few dissenters noting the character-building features of beatings by strangers.

All their friends were doing it

Ramone is still gathering data from last year’s popular “jump off a bridge” challenge, which led to numerous deaths and injuries.

“In any case, parents should be aware that being punched holds substantial risks for the recipient,” said an exasperated Ramone, who noted that the CPEI was planning some sort of public service announcement to say that punching others is bad.

“Not to mention that punching people is criminal, gotta put that out there too.”


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