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No other solar technology has yet matched the efficiency of the "direct sunlight through a window" innovation.

Passive Solar Energy system approaches 99% efficiency

BOULDER, CO – Solar energy researchers are closing in on a form of solar energy production that surpasses every other method in practice.

While limited in scope, the newly identified method is cheaper to establish and maintain. Tests have confirmed a 99% efficiency rating, unheard of in most energy systems.

“This method, which actually has been secretly in use for some time, involves direct access of photonic energy sources to the targeted areas,” said Dana Paolo, communications director for SolGood Energy Solutions, (formerly Major Panes Window & Glass). “The typical customer has no idea the amount of energy just bouncing off their exterior walls each and every day. All they need to do is provide an appropriate aperture for this essentially free energy to go directly into their homes.”

SolGood has developed numerous designs and sizes of these passive solar systems for installation in domestic as well as commercial settings. The company uses a proprietary amorphous non-crystalline silica compound that is both transparent and translucent, allowing directionally initiated photons in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectra to traverse practically any opening with very high efficiency.

“It’s as simple as putting them up, and you’re good to go,” said Paolo. “You get light, direct heat and UV rays if you’re into that kind of thing. You don’t have to mess with storage or transfer loss, and it shuts off automatically at night.”

Some early adopter customers have reported breakage of their passive solar systems, but Paolo counters that replacement of individual modules is a relatively simple procedure. The same structural supports that impede the 1% or so of photon efficiency also provide stability and separation of the individual modules.

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