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Idea 1 from the kit: Pergola in the back yard

“Pergola Idea Kit” Pretty Much One Idea: Get Pergola

HAMPSTEAD, AZ – The StripeyRoof Pergola Company offers consumers a Pergola Idea Kit that, despite having twelve pages, consists entirely of one idea, to get one of their pergolas.

Idea 2: Slightly different pergola in different location

A pergola is a type of gazebo that features cross beams and an open lattice, allowing sunlight to partially pass through.

An idea kit is ostensibly a piece of marketing collateral aimed at providing potential customers novel ways that a product might be incorporated into their lives.

The StripeyRoof Pergola Idea Kit merely shows multiple images of their three models from different angles, and provides little or no insight as to what fantastical possibilities a buyer might explore. The overall gist of the text is solicitation of the models, nothing more.

Idea 3: Pergola again

“They could show lots of things to spark the imagination, but they haven’t done that,” said Dani Fletcher of Pergola Review Monthly, a trade publication. “Show me how you could grow vines or flowers in the lattices. Show me variations on patios or garden paths.  Swinging or fixed seat options. Sidewalk cafe eave projections. Multi level walkways. All you see here is pergola close up, far away, different angle.”

A spokesperson for StripeyRoof declined comment and directed inquiries to their web site, which is an electronic version of the Idea Kit. The spokesperson did ask about interest in purchasing a pergola.

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