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Physics major roommate pain in ass on movie night

COLLEGE CITY – Third year physics major Reed Milledge knows his subject, but can be a real buzz kill when watching movies, according to roommates.

“There’s simply no way, no how a vehicle is going to do that, I don’t care how fast you’re going,” said Milledge of numerous signature stunts from action movies.

“Even with a few beers in him, he can’t suspend the disbelief long enough to enjoy the story,” said Hollis Templin, sophomore and soon-to-be-ex roommate. “Even getting through ‘The Blues Brothers’ is just impossible.”

Milledge ruins an estimated nine out of ten viewings, say sources. His unsolicited observations cover a wide range of subjects from kinetic and material limitations to the lack of acoustics in space.

“There’d be no sound coming from Tie Fighters, I get it!” said roommate Len Hygram. “And no, they couldn’t maneuver like jets. Gah! Watch the freakin’ movie.”

The other roommates have reached agreement to change movie night to Wednesday, when Milledge has lab, without telling him.

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  1. hechizos hechizos March 20, 2011

    No way! You're still way more advanced than most students applying.

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