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PistePot allows skiers to take a mountain pass

TURTLEHEAD CREEK – The newest innovation for the skiing season ahead is one that goes behind you: a toilet that fits right on the back of your skis. The PistePot (“piste” is a French term for a marked ski run) is a functioning commode that snaps into place between the back of each ski, with a sliding bracket to allow independent movement.

“Mountain resorts get more and more crowded, so responding to nature’s call becomes more of a hassle,” said PistePot inventor Lyle Tando. “Today’s skier needs a way to stay on the slopes and not miss a run.”

Tando admits there are some modesty issues, because the PistePot is still used like any other toilet. “It’s up to the end user to find a convenient spot behind the trees or whatever. Beats waiting in line at the lodge.”

So far, no resorts have responded to inquiries about whether the PistePot will be allowed on their premises. Of particular concern are the issues of transporting the toilet on the ski lifts and emptying the tanks.

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