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Placeholder text more interesting than proposed content

RALEIGH, NC – The approved copy for VaretoCorp’s latest marketing brochure is being edged out in focus groups by the placeholder text used in the template.

By a margin of 12%, respondents preferred the tone and message of the intentionally indecipherable Latin block of words over the messaging prepared meticulously by a team of copywriters with help from the board of directors and contract engineers involved with the project, code named the Stultividus Initiative.

Marketing researchers mistakenly gave half of the focus group subjects a brochure that was meant only to test the design layout and colors, not the copy. Respondents filled out questionnaires as if they had been given the real copy. No matter which brochure they had read, all participants were equally informed on the Stultividus Initiative.

While initially dismayed with the findings, VaretoCorp plans to use the placeholder version, changing only the generic company name, logo and web address.

VaretoCorp’s graphics department is now developing a social media campaign that involves appropriating viral videos of cats doing funny things, then adding a screenshot of their product.

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