Kitchen Drawer Starter Kit


Moving to a new home or burn down the last one? Get your all-important “The Kitchen Drawer” going with all the most common items and irreplaceable documents usually found there. Don’t get caught without things you’ll need to successfully run your household, open or seal packages, and attempt to repair things. A collection that can take years will be yours in one shipment!


Everyone has that one kitchen drawer that is its nerve center of the household. You might call it the “Junk Drawer” or the “Stuff Drawer”, but it’s the place where many of your family’s most treasured documents and artifacts live.

Sometimes, especially after moving, we lack the full contents of that drawer to make the house feel “lived in”, so we’ve created this kit to help you hit the ground running.

Contents include: Solar powered calculator, an average five kinds of screwdrivers, assortment of rubber bands, ring of keys, scissors, various color sticky notes, tape measure, batteries of various sizes from AAA to D and some watch-sized (not guaranteed to be working), paper clips, sewing needles, thread, football pump needle (bent), scotch tape not on dispenser, ruler, SIM card from discarded phone, menus from 3 or more restaurants, Borders Book Store gift card (expired), Blockbuster membership card, birth certificates, home insurance policy, garage remote, eyeglass repair kit, mini flash light, dried up superglue, cassette tape (Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits), title to car you don’t have anymore, packets of soy sauce and ketchup, no fewer than 12 coupons, incomplete deck of cards, hole punch, one dozen pens (not functional), hair tie, 3-prong electrical adapter, and 2 chip clips.


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