Pocket Solar Eclipse


Simulate a solar eclipse anywhere, any time of day with this portable Solar Eclipse Simulator! Just hold it up to the sun at an appropriate distance* and block out the sun just like the moon does when there’s an actual eclipse.** Fits in a large pocket or backpack for easy bring-it-along simulated eclipse fun for the whole family.***

*Arm’s length will render a more substantial eclipse simulation. You will get more realistic results if you install the simulator or have a friend hold it at a distance matching the size of the sun.

**From viewer’s vantage point, excluding several features of a naturally occurring solar eclipse such as actual darkening of the sky and visible corona.

***One at a time.


WARNING: Do not stare directly at the sun. Pocket Solar Eclipse is a simulator and does not block out the sun at a planetary level. You will still be susceptible to sunlight with movements of the simulator. Style of simulator shipped to you may vary and some instruments may have thrift store price stickers still attached. Some cork may become detached during shipment or long before that, but the Pocket Solar Eclipse simulator will function perfectly as long as the wood part is intact. Pocket Solar Eclipse likely contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, and makers of Pocket Solar Eclipse keep no records of origin for each unit. Occasional wine and cigarette stains may be visible, but these do not impact the efficacy of the simulator. You can rest hot or cold drinks on Pocket Solar Eclipse when not in use as eclipse simulator. Keep out of reach of children, pets, and anyone you know who might misuse or attempt to eat Pocket Solar Eclipse.


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