Real Life 3D Specs


See the world in vivid 3D, as it really is! No lenses to get foggy or scratched. Works with any eye prescription.* Every detail in the physical world beams structured photons straight to your eyes and works with your binocular vision to render everything in true depth. There is literally nothing between your eyes and what you’re seeing, just a stylish set of frames to outline the hyperrealistic scene before you.

*May entail separate frames, not included.


Money back guarantee!** Everything you see with Real Life 3D Specs looks stringently accurate because that is all you’re seeing. That’s right. Our revolutionary lensless technology allows light in every part of the spectrum pass right through. Absolutely nothing will obstruct, dim, distort, or glare your view because that’s what’s in the frame… absolutely nothing!

Looking at real life cannot be any better or higher resolution than looking through these specs – our “specs” are the exact same, in all conditions. Far away things look far away. Closer things look closer. Due to the fortunate arrangement of the eyes on the front of your face, images before you form a slight parallax shift that sends information to the visual cortex of your brain where it interprets the data to paint a marvelous picture… the real world in 3D.

Don’t fall for cheap imitations – flimsy frames where some shoddy manufacturer just knocks the lens out of sunglasses. Our frames never had any lenses, and they never will. That’s our quality guarantee.

**Not valid.


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