Towel Drying Accelerant


Light as air! Removes excess moisture from any towel. Spray on and leave 30 to 240 minutes. 6 Oz. bottle lasts up to 4 weeks.


Tired of waiting for towels to dry? Our spray-on Towel Drying Accelerant desiccates those things in no time! This proprietary blend of Nitrogen, Oxygen, and a hint of Carbon Dioxide goes on clean, leaving no stain, and works to dry up to 3 towels in a single treatment.

Simply lay wet towels flat to maximize exposure to Towel Drying Accelerant. Make sure there is proper ventilation below towels as well. Spray accelerant evenly over surfaces and let soak in. Towels will become dry over a period of 30 to 240 minutes (may take longer for excessively damp towels).

Yes, this can be used in conjunction with both electrical and gas dryers, as well as line drying! Simply spray on before placing in dryer or on line.

NOTE: Towel Drying Accelerant bottle may appear to some consumers as “empty”, but this is due to the product’s delivery in ethereal gaseous format. Product will have a similar consistency, smell, composition, and appearance of ordinary house air. This is by design, and is nothing to be concerned or feel deceived about.

• Will also work on wet clothing or other fabrics • Hypoallergenic • No harmful chemicals • Safely dissipates after use • May contain trace amounts of water vapor, which in significant quantities can slow drying effect. This can be mitigated with use of a hair dryer to warm up the vapor and separate it from towel.


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