Vintage Chemistry Set


A chemistry set from back in the day before everyone got all squeamish about radioactive substances and biohazards.


Chances are if you buy a children’s chemistry set these days, it’s going to have a bunch of tame experiments from all the most boring elements like carbon, calcium, and aluminum.

Venture back to the times when kids could play freely with uranium, pure sodium, nitro glycerin, and hydrogen sulfide. The days of deep scientific inquiry and the requisite thinning of the herd by experimentation, before nanny state downers took away our ability to play with poisonous, volatile, and explosive substances.

WARNING: Contents of Vintage Chemistry Set vary wildly, and may self-destruct or be confiscated en route to buyer. Buyer assumes all risk, of which there are many, and responsibility for proper safety procedures such as goggles, gloves, Level 4 containment facilities (when necessary), and risk management policies.


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