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Relax, man smoking at gas pump does this all the time

SPARKSVILLE – “There’s nothing to worry about,” according to a local man pumping gas with a lit cigarette in his mouth. “I’ve been doing this since I was twelve and never had a problem.”

Claiming that the tactic saves an extra three or four minutes, the unidentified man multitasks by beginning to pump while continuing to smoke.

“That sign’s for amateurs,” said the man, referring to stickers throughout the filling station that warn against smoking anywhere near the extremely volatile fumes coming from each pump.

He does acknowledge taking precautions such as holding the lit cigarette further away from the gas tank on cold, dry days when static electricity is more likely.


  1. Karen May Studios Karen May Studios August 1, 2009

    This tidbit of advice from a yahoo who also cant seem to figure out which side his gas tank is on.

  2. Johnny Blaze Johnny Blaze October 28, 2009

    Yeah, maybe he should take the extra minute to pull his car into the station with the gas tank on the right side. If hes gonna be an idiot and smoke while filling, he might as well smoke an electronic cigarette. At least then he doesn't have to worry about ashes and flames…dumb ass.

    Johnny Blaze

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