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Report: News stories practically impossible to read anymore


Current trends have rendered modern media non-navigable in terms of selecting and understanding content, say scholars.


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by Mulligan Stewart

It’s getting to where one can’t check out a simple news story, even a simple one, without wading through a morass of popup windows, banner ads, unskippable videos, and brand new content obstacles every day.PaidContent

“That seems to be the permanent state of things,” said media critic Cressida Rohm. “You really have to work to get to the information you’re after. The words and pictures we seek get buried in an ever-growing barrage of interlopers vying to gain our attention, and it’s now become just background noise.”


Rohm notes that ad blockers can help, but advertisers in turn block those. Then the cycle repeats.

“It’s war over content, made up of these countless battles over increasingly empty hills.”

PaidBannerright over the top of text that you’re trying to read,” said Smith. The book and application will be out the same week.

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