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They're pretty fond of captions, too

Report: People love bulleted lists

TUFTON, RI – Researchers have determined that nobody is even going to read their reports or paragraphs like this unless they format it as a series of bullet points.

  • People more likely to read content presented as bullets
  • Makes content easily to comprehend
  • Promotes oversimplification of complex ideas
  • Bullet points partly responsible for Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986
“Never hurts to have a pull quote.” – An Expert
  • People love them just as much 3 decades later
    • Creates false sense of credibility
    • Nesting makes effect even more pronounced
  • More than 6 bullets on a page leads to “Bulletpoint Fatigue”
    • A made-up disorder
    • Probably no more made-up than Comma Splice Disorder or Sentence Fragmentia

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