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The frozen patty is expected to be near or behind the kale salad thing from 2013.

Restaurant Employee Sent To Find, Thaw Out The Veggie Burger

TOPEKA, KS – Everything came to a standstill at Burger Shanty this afternoon when a customer ordered the veggie burger listed on the store’s online menu. The cashier was initially taken aback, and the manager was called over to mediate.

All too eager to accommodate your custom order

“Technically, we do offer a veggie burger,” said Burger Shanty manager Wanda Collier, “or we did, but we never thought someone would go and order it.” The item was no longer present on the printed menus, but given the fast food chain’s long-standing policy of “Sure, We’d Be Happy To!” Collier chose to honor the request.

Collier sent line cook Pete Greenhill into the walk-in freezer to try and locate the single veggie burger the restaurant has had in stock since last October. That was shortly after the last time someone ordered one, and was the incident that prompted Collier to remove veggie burgers from the printed menu. On the menu, it had been tucked away in a section separate from the other burgers and sandwiches, and the customer’s order caused confusion similar to today’s.

Collier instructed the customer, reportedly a skinny-looking west coast type, to sit tight while Greenhill determines the whereabouts of the veggie burger.

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