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"If I never see most of them again, that would be fine."

Reunion reminds classmates why they never interacted in high school

CRESTFALL – Graduates at Crestfall High’s 1998 class reunion refreshed their memory as to why they never communicated, socialized, hung out with or otherwise contacted most of the other members of their class.

“That guy was a complete jackass through all of high school, and he’s already spilled beer on the DJ tonight,” said Claire Mernont of drunken classmate Reed Sample. “Only the shirt has changed.”

Mernont had been withdrawn in school, but is now a successful surgeon and much more confident. She was eager to reacquaint herself with several people and see how much they had all grown, but left with her husband before anyone could take pictures.

“Got a few marriages, few divorces. No big surprises there, though, when you look at some of the faces and bods,” said Jace Keeler, a former linebacker for the Crestfall Belwethers who now manages his father’s paint store.

“I was going to look for that Claire Manson chick, see how weird she got, but I guess she’s off in a goth castle or something. We’re shoving off loser planet in T minus ten. Ryan’s got some college girls coming over to his apartment later.”

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